India Employees

Achieve Your Goals with the DAZ India Team

A career at DAZ India means a life-long opportunity to explore your potential, continuous growth, and the joy of working on the latest technologies alongside the brightest minds in the industry. An inspiring combination of growth prospects, fair play and a great work culture makes us an exhilarating place to be in.

In addition, the following can be said for being a part of the DAZ team:

  • Be mentored by experienced professionals on the latest technology.
  • Encouraging individuality, initiative and support for our people through continuous development and feedback.
  • Increase knowledge of Oracle Application Solutions.
  • Ongoing training and professional development opportunities at DAZ.
  • Maintain close contact with the Onshore Teams. 
  • Company-wide meetings are scheduled to stay connected to the company.

Every employee at DAZ is special, and so when you work with us, here’s what you can look forward to:

Career and Development: By joining a passionate company like ours, you too can make winning your way of life. At DAZ, we provide you with abundant growth opportunities that will help you develop your expertise, apply your knowledge, and re-invent yourself by working on diverse challenges.

Work-Life Balance and Support: While we greatly appreciate all the hard work you put in to take the organization towards desired business results, we also encourage you to have a good work-life-balance.

Recognition: At DAZ, recognition has always been a cornerstone of our culture where appreciating, acknowledging, and thanking are a part of our daily work life.