Learning & Training

Stay on Top of Your Game with DAZ

One of the most important elements of a technical career is staying on top of change and learning new technologies. There is no shortage of opportunity to do this at DAZ since we implement the latest stable releases on every one of our projects and our business requirements are always a little different with every customer.

Since DAZ has always had a collaborative relationship with Oracle, we have also been involved in many projects to try out newer technologies or modules before they are released to the general public. These unique opportunities allow our innovative staff to shape the direction of the product and be the first to implement when the product is ready for prime time.

Between the challenges of new customer projects, access to all available training tools and access to Oracle’s most innovative products, there is always something to learn at DAZ.

In addition to all the practical training and experience that occurs on the job, the DAZ staff has:

  • Easy access to a wide and experienced knowledge staff – free flow of information/ideas/experiences across personnel and projects.
  • Access to exclusive training and documentation available only to Oracle Platinum Partners.
  • The opportunity to enroll in company-paid training.