Energy & Resources

Energy and Resources

DAZ Energy and Resources Teams provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to all segments of the oil and gas, power and utilities, alternative energy, and mining sectors.

Leverage DAZ and Oracle to Address your Total Value Chain for your Oil and Gas and Alternative Energy Initiatives

Alternative energy companies are facing new challenges with on-site and outsourced manufacturing operations while oil and gas businesses are facing a new environment of lower prices and a need for a more dynamic approach to their supply chain. The pace is fast, the competition tough, and the scope is global. 

The profile of an energy and resources customer can be manufacturer, distributor, reseller, installer or part of the extended supply chain, as well as having end customers who have complex requirements for tracking, labeling, and firm dates for delivery. Typified by rapid growth, limited resources, sophisticated supply chain, manufacturing and logistics requirements coupled with the issues of dealing internationally and with the various compliance standards, this industry has to respond quickly and not get distracted from what is important. 

Let DAZ show you how other energy and resources companies have taken advantage of the Oracle and DAZ solution.

Key Business Drivers

  • Project Management to Project Accounting
  • Enterprise Asset Management and Maintenance
  • Streamlined Oilfield Data Management
  • Comprehensive Process Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Visibility and Outsourced Manufacturing
  • Product Design to Development

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