Engineering & Construction

Engineering and Construction

Engineering & Construction (E&C) is a dynamic, fragmented and highly competitive industry. Growing project complexities, changing regulatory environment and increased risk in project execution, among many other areas, have resulted in significant margin pressures and business unpredictability. Thus, there is a need for an integrated enterprise system that can support these fast-paced changes from business inception to final billing. 

Adoption of next-generation technologies and solutions such as project performance, CRM, analytics, mobility, collaboration and Internet of Things (IOT) from Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne can help maximize your engineering and construction business and extended ecosystem. EnterpriseOne E&C solutions will connect resources and processes across engineering, construction and operations by integrating industry-specific solutions on premise and through mobile devices to enable real-time performance information.

DAZ Consulting Expertise

DAZ has a growing team of experienced consultants that constantly validate, refine and expand our knowledge of the engineering and construction sector. Their industry-specific background help drive best practices to meet your company needs and lead you through a complete solution process. We combine this knowledge with functional expertise in areas such as marketing, project quoting, completion tracking and costs, revenue recognition, multiple billing methods, and a deep understanding of E&C customer segments, including civil engineering projects, commercial, and industrial to help drive financial and performance improvement.

Functional Areas

  • Marketing and Project Quoting
  • Project and Cost Tracking
  • Budgets, Commitments and Completion
  • Change Management
  • Billing Types and Revenue Recognition

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