Financial & Professional Services

Financial and Professional Services

DAZ brings deep industry experience and innovative service offerings to the financial and professional services industries.  Our experience and industry knowledge allows us to understand each of our customer’s unique business challenges.

Leverage DAZ and Oracle to Help with your Financial Reporting and Project Tracking Needs

The financial services industry is in an age of regulatory changes. Companies are facing many challenges to comply with this regulation in a timely matter.  How do we report on a statutory basis? How do I deliver my financial reports in a timely matter? These are questions that arise on a daily basis. DAZ can help you create a financials system that will help you grow yet remain nimble in the face of an ever-changing industry. 

Professional services organizations are confronting some of the same issues that we here at DAZ face on a daily basis. What is my margin on a specific project? How do we accurately utilize our resources? Do we have deferred revenue requirements? These are all questions that can be answered with the right systems in place. Let DAZ and Oracle help you answer these questions by leveraging the best business practices and the power of an integrated system.


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