Manufacturing is a key industry for DAZ in delivering ERP solutions for clients using Oracle Applications. DAZ’s experience covers a wide variety of manufacturing including discrete, process, repetitive, and configure to order.

Manufacturing is Not One-Size-Fits-All

Manufacturing industries cover a wide variety of products for high tech, food and beverage, apparel, industrial, and consumer products. At a high level they all share some basic tenets of planning, scheduling, material consumption, and finished product, but each has its own unique characteristics. 

Planning of what to make when can be based simply on orders or complex forecasting across single or multiple sites in the organization. Once a plan is agreed to and orders released, some type of scheduling is generally required to effectively use the production resources to meet the plan. Production reporting can be simple material issuing and operation reporting to more sophisticated MES processes. Backflushing and Kanbans can streamline the material flow. Production reporting needs to be done at a level to have visibility of status to effectively manage. 

Many manufacturing industries have a variety of quality needs, as well. These can be basic incoming and finished product visual inspection to extensive testing and data collection. This data collection along with other production reporting can be most effectively completed with bar code data collection at point of activity. 

DAZ has experience with all of these facets of manufacturing in many industries to help clients improve operations.

Key Industry Influencers

  • Types of Products
  • Configured Product
  • Physical Processes
  • Subcontracting

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