Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale Distribution

Distributors vary widely in size and type, but they all share some fundamental challenges. With limited domestic expansion opportunities, regulatory constraints and internal structural impediments, top distributors suffer from low margins and slipping market share.

Leverage DAZ Systems and Oracle Applications to Move from Transactional to Transformational

Distributors deal with fast-paced order turnaround, stringent customer and retailer requirements for delivery, challenging profit margins, and warehousing challenges. Customer service representatives need to be able to quickly and accurately provide status and answer customer questions. Sarbanes Oxley has not made anything easier with required tracking for discounts and rebates in a traceable format. The challenge is to find a solution that reduces the islands of data into an integrated single system. 

DAZ helps the distributor to make the move smooth and cost effective to Oracle’s powerful Application Solutions. A few functions to take advantage of with Oracle and DAZ include:

  • Aligning customer service, fulfillment, and allocation processes.
  • Enabling cross-docking and truck loading.
  • Pick and pack, cartonization, and labeling for a DC as well as store.

DAZ has designed solutions for companies of all sizes. Whether you sell to other businesses or to end buyers, or a combination of both, DAZ has the knowledge to get it right the first time.


  • Nimble, High Volume, Order Management
  • EDI Support for both Inbound and Outbound
  • Landed Cost Management
  • Allocation and Warehouse Management
  • Transportation and Logistics Tracking

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