5 Signs That Cloud ERP Has Serious Momentum

5 Signs That Cloud ERP Has Serious Momentum

Posted on 12/24/2015

Cloud ERP was clearly the darling of Oracle’s latest quarterly financial results.

Historically, ERP (enterprise resource planning) has been the largest segment of the business software market, allowing companies to manage broad operational functions such as financials,
manufacturing, supply chain, and the like. There has been a debate over the past several years over when—even if—companies would ever trust such vital and sophisticated applications to the cloud.

Oracle has ended that debate: 1,500 companies have contracted to use its Oracle ERP Cloud applications, the company announced during its most recent earnings call with analysts. Those include large enterprises experienced with this type of software, as well as midmarket companies that Oracle couldn’t serve in the old on-premises model. And 450 of those companies are live on the cloud service.

Here are five signs from Oracle’s December 2015 earnings call indicating that Oracle ERP Cloud has momentum