3rd Party Logistics

3rd Party Logistics

3rd Party Logistics (3PL) provide value-added supply chain services and generally eliminates the need for a company to invest in costly capital for logistics. To effectively use 3PL services throughout the supply chain requires established processes and clear communication with 3PL providers.

DAZ consultants take a systemic approach to build business processes, optimizing the use of people, process, and technology for the most effective process flow in driving the value using 3PLs.

Expand the Supply Chain

3PL providers essentially become an extension of a client's operation in lieu of their own distribution warehouses. Data exchange, typically done with EDI transactions, becomes a necessity to provide timely information to execute the business processes. A virtual high-level inventory is maintained in client’s system for financials and order promising activity.

Integration with carriers for transportation planning and freight rating, along with generation of documentation to support the goods movement, is frequently done by 3PL. 3rd Party Logistics may also provide additional services such as kitting and customer-specific package labeling for shipments. These functions dictate the need for timely and accurate information exchange.

Business processes with 3PLs is heavily dependent on the technical data interchange. System monitoring and timely errors handling must also be addressed in the process. DAZ has extensive experience in designing, implementing, and supporting these processes.

The process integration of 3PL with planning and distribution suites is driven by the goal to have an overall effective and flexible supply chain supporting customer needs.

Key Process Influencers

  • Carriers
  • Temperature-Controlled Product
  • Level of Services
  • Shipping Network

DAZ can provide a unique combination of proven project approaches, industry extensions, and related services. To discuss what we can do for your business, contact the DAZ Sales Team.