Manufacturing can be done in several modes, each with a unique production process. These modes would cover discrete, process, repetitive, configure-to-order and hybrid types of manufacturing. Some organizations have combinations of these because of their product mix and volumes.

DAZ consultants take a systemic approach to build business processes, optimizing the use of people, process, and technology for the most effective process flow in manufacturing.

Manufacturing is a Process

Manufacturing is a series of operations that should work together to optimize production in its entirety. Improving detail processes should not sub-optimize overall manufacturing within the organization.

There are several areas of improvements starting with scheduling of the work as the first focus area of execution, which is typically initiated in planning. The types of scheduling vary based on volume and velocity of production, and the associated resources. Materials management processes of Kitting, Kanbans, Point of Use usage, Backflushing, etc. affect the materials movement in manufacturing.  Some industries require additional levels of detail tracked during materials movement for lots or serial numbers due to traceability and regulatory issues. Data collection opportunities during the production cycle also affect material processes as well as general production reporting of resources and quality.

The DAZ team has extensive experience in process improvements in all types of manufacturing across a wide variety of industries to add value to our client’s operation.

Key Process Influencers

  • Types of Production
  • Complexity of Operations
  • Capacity Constraints
  • Material Flow

DAZ can provide a unique combination of proven project approaches, industry extensions, and related services. To discuss what we can do for your business, contact the DAZ Sales Team.