Value Chain Planning

Value Chain Planning Business Process Consulting

Value Chain encompasses a number of business processes where some are core planning and others are unique to specific types of industries.

DAZ consultants take a systemic approach to build business processes, optimizing the use of people, process and technology for the most effective process flow in planning.

Organizing the Supply Chain

Value Chain planning processes are key to organizing the supply chain to have executable plans. Processes need to be defined to provide end-to-end visibility in the value chain. This promotes agility in making changes to supply in relation to dynamic customers’ demand to improve service levels.

Processes usually start with demand management coupled with perhaps sales and operations planning (S&OP) process to establish an executable demand plan that drives the rest of the value chain. Planning processes can use demand to create production and procurement supply plans. Inventory targets and costs can affect planning process as well. On Procurement side, sourcing and approved suppliers guide the planning processes. Lastly, the planning process has to be tightly integrated with distribution and manufacturing suites to have an overall effective and optimized Value Chain.

Key Process Influencers

  • Attributes of Products
  • Demand Management
  • Types of Supply
  • Multiple Facilities
  • Service Levels
  • Safety Stock

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