Remote DBA Support

Remote DBA and CNC Support

Every company with Oracle products needs to have Database Administrator (DBA) Support or CNC Support. Most companies do not need a full-time resource and DAZ can provide this service at a fraction of the cost by providing Remote DBA Support services to keep your Oracle products reliable and responsive.

Applications DBA’s are specifically trained in Oracle E-Business Suite and their knowledge extends well beyond what a normal Oracle DBA would understand. A CNC similarly has a detailed understanding of JD Edwards. These resources are invaluable and have the required training and experience to maintain a proper environment, whether hosted or on premise. DBA Support is provided during implementations or as a component of a managed services agreement.

DAZ Has Provided Remote DBA Support to Customers Since 1999

DAZ DBA Services was created many years ago to support implementations and live customers. All DBA’s at DAZ are very senior and support all aspects of Applications and Database. We assign a US-based Primary DBA to each customer to provide a tight level of understanding and interaction as it relates to the business. The other US DBA’s are a backup to the Primary DBA and the offshore DBA’s provide the non-US hours of support. Together, the DBA Services Team provides 24x7 support and monitoring.

DAZ DBA’s provide basic administration, applications maintenance, backups, troubleshooting, SR support, cloning, performance tuning, capacity planning, patching, upgrading and user management, as necessary. DBA’s maintain all instance details and keep sensitive password data in a secure software vault.


  • A Named Primary DBA per Customer
  • Experienced DBA's with 10 to 20 Years Using Oracle ERP
  • Around the Clock Using Onshore and Offshore Resources
  • Automated Monitoring at no Additional Cost

DAZ can provide a unique combination of proven project approaches, industry extensions, and related services. To discuss what we can do for your business, contact the DAZ Sales Team.