Upgrades & Migrations

ERP Upgrades

The decision to upgrade comes when newer functionality is needed, a more modern version solves some current defects or maybe Oracle is starting to add fees for long-term maintenance. Most customers don’t routinely upgrade their ERP Systems due to the cost and impact of regression testing as well as having to test all current Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, and Extensions (RICE) they have.

DAZ has done more upgrades than any other partner in the US. We have staff members who specialize in upgrades and know how to fine tune the mechanical aspect of the upgrade. More importantly we will be able to look at current processes and find ways to gain efficiencies from newly available features or capabilities not originally implemented. DAZ will make a customer upgrade project something worth doing rather than something that just has to be done.

Solving the Mechanical Upgrade

The mechanical upgrade (the act of upgrading the software) involves hundreds of technical steps that a DBA or CNC resource performs. Our onshore and offshore teams have a great deal of experience doing upgrade steps under the ultimately tight time constraints required.

The upgrade component that most companies fear is the testing of RICE objects across their ERP system. DAZ uses proprietary software to analyze every custom object and see how it is impacted by the upgrade. This allows us to create a very accurate budget for required technical work in addition to providing the checklist of what must be changed and tested during the upgrade process. This is an elegant solution for a complex problem and can be done entirely with offshore resources to save on the cost of the overall upgrade.

Additional Value from an Upgrade

Most companies are seeking benefits from an upgrade given the effort required. The DAZ Upgrade Methodology includes training on new functionality. Combining this training with an analysis of current business processes will yield additional features that will be implemented and worked into the overall project.

Another area of improvement relates to the removal of custom (RICE) objects that may have been required in a prior release and are now replaced by standard functionality. DAZ will look for these valuable opportunities as well when we work through the current business processes.

DAZ can provide a unique combination of proven project approaches, industry extensions, and related services. To discuss what we can do for your business, contact the DAZ Sales Team.